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Roof ornament videos - Atelier Auder d'Ornements
Pays de la Loire - Baugé

We make roof ornaments, roof decoration and zinc art.

Reproduction or creation of ridge or roof, roof vane or ridge, fire pot, ox eyes, skylight, other ornaments such as hip, membrane, corner key, front of the base.

We work with zinc, copper and lead

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Profils estampés

We stamp elements, such as:

zinc | copper pine cone

Zinc | copper flame

Stamped profiles such as membrane, hip, ridge, ridge capping, bull's eye key and zinc-copper skylight

Les différentes étapes de fabrication

We master for the realization of the various ornaments:

The drawing

Pushing back



We have all the techniques of an ornamentalist to make ornaments according to the rules of the art.