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Atelier Auder d'Ornements


8th street Louis and Auguste Lumière - 41000 Blois phone: 02 54 43 49 14


SAS with a capital of 10 000 euros
SIRET : 412 791 915 00066
APE Code: 7311Z
Phone : 02 47 68 94 44
Mail :
Site :


SAS with a capital of 10 000 euros
SIRET : 412 791 915 00066
APE Code : 7311Z
Phone : 02 47 68 94 44
Mail :
Site :


Anxious to maintain the seriousness and quality of the services it provides for its customers or future customers, Atelier Auder d'Ornements reminds you that consultation and/or use of the site implies acceptance and compliance with the conditions mentioned below as well as the laws applicable in France regarding communication on the Internet.


In accordance with national laws governing copyright and intellectual property (or other similar rights), the exploitation, use, reproduction, dissemination, marketing, extraction or modification of all or part of the elements found on the site is strictly prohibited. Atelier Auder d'Ornements does not transfer any intellectual property rights on the information and more generally on the content of the site, whatever the form.

In accordance with the rules of "Good Use" mentioned above, consultation of the information cannot be interpreted as a transfer, even partial or temporary, of the rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation of all or part of the texts, methodological presentations or visual or graphic elements composing the site. The conditions of use that apply to the information and more generally to the content of the site are as follows: rights reserved, texts, visual elements, graphics, only available for consultation on the website. Reproduction and distribution are prohibited. In case of authorization of reproduction and / or dissemination exceptionally granted by Atelier Auder d'Ornements in support of a prior written consent, the following mention must imperatively be mentioned: COPYRIGHT © 2019 Atelier Auder d'Ornements.


All persons, represented on the photos and films published on the website have consented to the use of their image in the context of the services carried out for the clients of Atelier Auder d'Ornements. The employees and managers of the company whose image is used on the website have consented to the use of these iconographic documents within the framework of the said website and only within this framework. In the absence of prior written consent from customers and/or Atelier Auder d'Ornements, the use of the image of the aforementioned persons is therefore strictly forbidden for any reason whatsoever.


The configuration of the site allows Atelier Auder d'Ornements to retrieve information about the users of the site: the objective is to know you better, to understand you better and to meet your expectations and needs. If you accept it, we can regularly send you new information/items that might be of interest to you.

If you do not wish this data to be collected, you can configure your browser to reject any installation of files ("cookies") that would allow us to obtain them. Atelier Auder d'Ornements undertakes to keep this information strictly confidential and will not under any circumstances be resold and/or communicated to third parties.

You can of course not leave any information, thus preventing us from contacting you. Atelier Auder d'Ornements reminds you that, in accordance with the Data Protection Act n°78-17 of 6 January 1978, the user has, at any time, a right of access, rectification or deletion of data concerning him: in this case, the user must send an e-mail to the following address: The personal data collected (contact form) by Atelier Auder d'Ornements is only intended for internal use.

Under no circumstances will this data be communicated or sold to third parties. In accordance with the French legislation. You may, at any time, request the modification, rectification and deletion of data concerning you.


The setting up of a hypertext link to the website requires prior written authorisation from Atelier Auder d'Ornements. If you wish to set up a hypertext link to our site, you must therefore contact the Communication Manager of our site.

The hypertext links implemented by Atelier Auder d'Ornements towards other sites do not engage the responsibility of Atelier Auder d'Ornements which declares that it has no control over the content of these sites and does not provide any guarantee concerning the accuracy and completeness of information of any kind provided on these sites.
Atelier Auder d'Ornements could not, consequently, be held responsible for the contents of these sites or for the use of the information provided on this site.


The present conditions of use of the site are subject, both for their interpretation and their execution, to French law. In case of dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.


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