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Atelier Auder Ornements
Atelier Auder D'Ornements
Stéphane Auder, best workman in France

Craftsmanship and know-how is a family history among the Auder family.

Son of a roofer, Stéphane decided to take an apprenticeship as a roofer with the Compagnons du Devoir in 1980.

During 10 years, Stéphane perfected his knowledge and his mastery by obtaining the roofer's CAP in 1982, then the certificate of perfection in 1987, followed by the professional certificate in 1989, and the master's certificate in 1991. In 1989, Stéphane was awarded the Compagnon du Devoir, a distinction that does not prevent him from continuing to perfect his art, quite the contrary.

An international journey through history, time, techniques and know-how

Engaged in his tour of France with his companions, Stéphane continues to hone his skills and techniques by working in French cities with renowned know-how and rich history such as Nantes, Bordeaux, Troyes, Reims and Paris.

In his quest for knowledge and excellence, Stéphane decides to spend some time in Switzerland for a training in tinsmithing and thus obtains the tinsmithing diploma in Bernes. His quest for perfection and mastery also takes him across the Channel; in Scotland to be precise, where he learns to master the techniques of working with lead, a hard metal that needs to be tamed.

On his return to France, Stéphane spends a year as a training instructor at the Centre d'Information du Plomb.

The birth of L'Atelier Auder D'Ornements

Fascinated by cover ornaments and gathering all his know-how, Stéphane creates in 1996 his company as an ornamentalist craftsman. There is no training school for roofing ornaments, however, driven by his passion, supported by his know-how and the mastery of techniques learned over the years, he learns this exceptional profession practically by himself.

Campanile de Villeneuve St Georges (94)
Campanile de Villeneuve St Georges (94)
Stéphane wins the coveted title of France's Best Craftsman in 2011
Master craftsman
Stéphane AUDER, well-known ornamentalist

A journey crowned by the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France"

In 2010, after 30 years of experience including 14 years as an ornamentalist and in order to obtain the equivalent of a diploma in this trade, Stéphane entered the competition "One of the Best Craftsmen of France" For this competition of excellence, Stéphane reproduces the Campanile de Villeneuve St Georges (94) After 1150 hours of work and the reproduction of an imposing work of size and impressive know-how, he receives the title of Best Craftsman of France in the class Ornemaniste Métallique.


The job of an ornamentalist
Traditional craftsmanship

Transmission of knowledge to new generations of ornamentalists

To this day, Stéphane passes on the know-how of this exceptional profession within the Auder d'Ornements Workshops. 3 ornamentalists have already been trained under his supervision and teaching; a 4th is currently being trained.

His commitment in this transmission of knowledge, and in maintaining the integrity of the techniques of know-how, also leads him to write the subjects of the competitions for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2015 and 2018. Out of these two competitions, three candidates out of four have obtained the diploma in this metal ornamentalist option.

Stéphane Auder - a path rich in apprenticeship, abundant with mastery and completed by sharing this know-how.
These are the cornerstones to the building of the Auder Ornamental Workshop and on which all creations are based.

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